Starting on a new journey...

So as of March 29, 2015, I am officially part of the Isagenix family. It was definitely a bold move for me, as this is not something I ever expected to see myself doing, but I am SO excited and feel incredibly blessed to have been given this opportunity for total success.

I guess I'll tell a little about myself. My name is Shelby, I'm 20 years old and living on Long Island. After I graduated high school, I traveled to St. Petersburg, FL to attend Eckerd College. For me that was the dream…living in a place where people go to vacation, this beautiful, almost surreal place right on the Gulf coast. It was fun for a while, I met some really awesome people, but after a year I just wasn't feeling it anymore. So I packed up all of my stuff and drove back home…a week into my second year. Of course because of that last-minute decision, I wasn't able to transfer to another school right away. In that time, I got a new job as a server at Bahama Breeze (I was previously a swing manager at McDonald's). The new job taught me a lot about myself; mainly what I was really capable of. Serving is not as easy as it looks!! Not only is it physically difficult (YOU try carrying three full racks of ribs on two arms!), but it really challenged me mentally. I had my managerial experience, so I thought I would be bullet-proof interacting with whatever kind of person I would run into in the restaurant business…I was so wrong. I cried constantly in the beginning, from nerves, being yelled at, messing up, spilling drinks on people, breaking plates, I've made every mistake you can think of. But I powered through it and I proved to everyone that I could become a great server in only a few short months.

This past January I started school again at Stony Brook University. A few months later, I moved out of my parents' house (finally) into an apartment with my boyfriend. So here I am now, working full-time and going to school full-time, always with the burden of making sure I make rent at the end of the month, have food in the fridge, all while trying to maintain my relationship/friendships, my grades, my health; this shit is hard! Then one day my good friend Phuong came to me and said, hey, you're into health and fitness, listen to this great opportunity to GET PAID to promote and share a healthy lifestyle. All I could think was, how could this go wrong? She explained to me the logistics of the company, all about the products, and introduced me to some amazing people who have also been on this journey that are so inspiring and so willing to help me, little ol' me. She explained how my success would be whole-heartedly based on the effort I put into creating my success, and I figured, if I make this difficult, very demanding job work for me and give me a happy life, why not take full advantage of an opportunity for a new source of income that can give me that and more, in addition to helping me towards a healthier lifestyle?

I've been warned that I will run into more skeptics than I will people who are willing to join me in this. But honestly, after 4 years of working in the food industry, which means having people scream in my face, food thrown at me, call me the nastiest names for no good reason, threaten to take my job…I think I can deal with a few people telling me "no thanks." So, onward to a new chapter in my life, and I hope I can inspire you to join me!!